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Andrews Air Force Base (AAFB) - Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Andrews Air Force Base (AAFB) - Naval Facilities Engineering Command

CSIE provided all necessary Design, Engineering, Implementation, and Construction Management of the planned upgrade to the medium voltage electrical distribution system at Andrews Air Force base. Design includes Architectural Design, Electrical, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Fire Protection and Communications Engineering. The project site encompasses a total area of 200 acres inclusive of flight line operations.

The Project scope included the design and construction of medium voltage cable replacement in the flight line areas, replacement of medium voltage overhead distribution with medium voltage underground distribution throughout the command, support buildings, hanger, and residential areas. Electrical design and engineering includes short circuit calculations, relay coordination, specification of the medium voltage vacuum circuit breakers and switchgear, electrical cable installation methods and procedures, extensive underground duct bank (15,000 lf of 4-way duct bank) and manhole system. The project also includes the design and construction of a new 2,400 sf electrical switching facility and the demolition of the existing weatherproof switch enclosure. All work took place while maintaining normal base operations.

CSIE managed Construction activities from our on-site trailer at which reside the full-time Project Superintendent, Construction Manager, and QA/QC Manager. The construction management of the project adheres to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers requirements such as FAR 52.236.5 and 52-236-21 pertaining to Submittals and the Army Corps of Engineers Safety Manual EM385 and OSHA Standards 29 CFR Part 1926.

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