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Capital One Bank
Capital One Bank

CSIE initially performed a cost benefit analysis for Capital One Bank studying the feasibility of renovating existing facilities versus building new. With this information Capital One Bank elected to construct a new facility (190,000 sf). CSIE was engaged to perform complete architectural and engineering services for the interior project supporting technology intensive and highly critical operations functions. CSIE also provided Construction Administration and detailed Testing and commissioning planning and implementation services. For a seamless and transparent transition to their new facility, Capital One Bank additionally contracted with CSIE to perform relocation and transition planning services. The facility houses the Data and Operations Center for Capital One Bank and is state-of-the-art with respect to redundancy, single-point failure and dependable critical power systems.

The facility accommodates a 40,000 sq.ft. Computer Center, 100,000 sq.ft. Technology and Support areas and 50,000 sq. ft. Office areas. The building is designed with a complete automatic fire suppression system, incipient fire detection system and sprinkler system. The Data Center is energized by four (4) 2500 KVA 34.4 KV/480 volt Virginia Power Company substations. Five (5) 1600 kW Emergency Generators are serving as backup power, while five (5) 750 KVA Rotary Uninterrupted Power Service Systems in n+1 redundancy mode has been designed. Electrical and Mechanical systems have been designed to avoid single point failure. The Mechanical system consists of four (4) 800-ton centrifugal chillers supported by a 50,000 gallon chilled water tank. Critical loads in the Center are supported by a dual power path method in order to minimize downtime.

Services performed by CSIE included: Architectural (interior), mechanical engineering, fire protection, electrical technology and communications engineering.

Project Highlights
  • 200,000 - total square footage, single story technology building located on 18.03 acres, Innsbruck Corporate Center in Henrico County, Virginia
  • Construction: August, 1995 - March, 1996v
  • Capital One Bank as Agent and Liberty Property Development
  • Corporation as Construction Manager
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