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Dominion Resources Services, headquartered in Richmond, VA , is one of the nation's largest producers of energy. Dominion's services include a liquefied natural gas import facility, gas and electric distribution, an oil and natural gas exploration and production unit, a retail marketing arm providing energy services in deregulated markets, engineering, procurement and construction services for electric transmission lines, substations and distribution facilities, a facilities-based inter-exchange carrier offering broadband solutions to wholesale customers, as well as gas pipelines and gas storage system operations.

In anticipation of the need for facility reconfiguration and expansion at their OJRP Data Center, Dominion Resources Services seeked to update the documentation of the existing Data Center equipment, space plan, and mechanical electrical support systems.

CSIE coordinated with the appropriate representatives of Dominion Resources Services to develop as-built drawings that accurately document the existing Data Center infrastructure. This engineering effort provided a comprehensive set of facility drawings that accurately depicted existing conditions and formed the basis for evaluating and upgrading the facility in a future effort. In order to develop the detailed documentation for the facility, CSIE needed to review all available facility documentation including drawings and specifications. Detailed surveys were conducted to assess the existing conditions and complete the required field documentation. The as-built drawings were then completed in Auto-CADD 2000.

CSIE's Project Director managed and controlled the engineering team's efforts to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget. Weekly progress meetings were conducted and minutes recorded to ensure that the required coordination with Dominion's resources was scheduled and information exchanged in a timely manner.

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