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Equant Corporation (Formerly Global One)
Equant Corporation

The project scope included the retrofit of existing building and shell space to accommodate Global One mission critical facility requirements. Numerous designs included extensive structural demolition, new construction and complete redesign of building shell space including stair/elevator/toilet cores, exterior treatment, new electrical, HVAC and fire protection services and interior design of the public areas as completed on the Global One Los Angeles project. Typical designs included demolition of existing tenant space and the utilization of existing building infrastructure, upgraded and modified to meet the reliability requirements of Global One. The installed design included new AC and redundant DC power plant equipment and distribution, power generation via Generator plants and fuel storage, computer-grade HVAC equipment and associated piping, extensive electrical and telecommunications grounding systems per IEEE and NEC regulations, fire detection and suppression systems inclusive of pre-action sprinkler, incipient and VESDA detection, fire alarm systems, tie-in and coordination of detailed sequence of operations, security, remote monitoring and control systems, Emergency power off (EPO) systems, and telecom cabling distribution systems. CSIE also provided Construction Monitoring Services which included construction phase design coordination, Shop Drawing Submittal review and approval, Bid Phase reviews, schedule review, QC Test plans and implementation, Field inspections and Field Inspection Reports, and design change order management.

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