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Federal Deposit Insurance
Metro West Building Automation System
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Federal Deposit Insurance
Federal Deposit Insurance

The scope of the project included Preliminary Planning, Detailed Planning, Implementation Planning, Execution of the Move and Construction Monitoring. Early on, we developed the planning and scheduling criteria for the relocation of the computer hardware and data communications equipment and support staff. The main objective was to provide FDIC with a cost effective plan, which maintained uninterrupted computer services. CSIE assigned a team consisting of a Project Manager, Computer Hardware Planner and Telecommunications Planner to begin meeting and gathering information from the appropriate FDIC Data Center staff. During Phase I, the groundwork was laid as to who would be responsible for certain functions, preliminary meeting schedules were developed, met with client staff to gather a full understanding of the requirements. The development of a new computer configuration during Phase II allowed plans to be set for the type, number and configuration of the computer hardware equipment to be moved. After working with members of FDIC Building Services and the associated contractors and subcontractors, CSIE developed specific matrixes of items to track for the move, which was regularly updated and used for meetings. It was during the latter part of this phase that all the details of the move were identified and jointly agreed upon. When the relocation began, the on-line systems were shut down and the extensive back-up programs were initiated. Throughout the move weekend, members of CSIE and FDIC staff were on site to assess and evaluate the progress. The relocation was successfully completed on-time and on-budget.

Projects Highlights:
  • 30,000 square foot Data Center
  • ES 9000 - 920 and associated peripheral
  • Cutover of voice and data communications systems
  • Local Area Network supporting 500 users
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