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NMCI - Navy Marine Corps Intranet
Metro West Building Automation System

NMCI provides the Navy and Marine Corps secure, universal access to integrated voice, video and data communications. It will afford pier-side connectivity to Navy vessels in port. It links more than 360,000 desktops across the United States as well as sites in Puerto Rico, Iceland and Cuba.

CSIE was one of many small businesses that comprised the NMCI Information Strike Force team

Together with Encompass Capital Office, CSIE provided the consulting and engineering services required to Design and Build hundreds and possibly thousands of IDF/MDF/POP closets across the United States.

Design and construction of multiple communications closets (IDFs) and Point of Presence (POP) on Navy and Marine bases throughout the United States

Survey of proposed locations for telecommunications installations and recommendation for placement

Production and review of design to Navy and Marines for understanding, security, disruption, coordination and schedule

Construction of existing occupied space including general construction, mechanical procurement and installation of HVAC systems and establishment of single point distribution system with dedicated grounding specific for telecom equipment

All construction work performed in secure areas. Multiple bases involving hundreds of different locations under design and construction at the same time requiring concentrated project management, scheduling expertise and labor demands beyond the normal project demands

CSIE assisted the Strike Force in the development of the Basis of Design (BOD) document, which identified the design criteria needed to complete the detailed engineering documents for each typical communications closet (IDF) and various standard POP Sites. CSIE provided the necessary design documents including drawings depicting; floor plans, details, schedules and diagrams as well as specifications for materials, equipment, and methods of construction. The construction documents are submitted for review and then stamped prior to construction. As-built documents are provided at the completion of construction.

The demands for the information gathering, design and construction of communications closets and the need to perform these functions in coordination with the client on live bases in occupied space are very familiar. The construction for the communications closets demands that all material is ordered and available, all labor is scheduled and all parties cognizant of planned activities for a short duration of focused construction activity in multiple locations. This effort is and has been successfully performed for the NMCI project.

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