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Quantum Chemical Corporation
Quantum Chemical Corporation

Quantum Chemical Corporation contracted with CSIE to provide consultant services for analysis of the requirements and design criteria for its new state of the art data center. During a combined effort of client and CSIE staff, a site survey and growth projections were made to consolidate the Louisville, Rolling Meadows, Cincinnati R&D and Cincinnati RJE facilities and relocate the corporate communication switch within the Quantum Campus. Based on these projections, CSIE proposed the construction of a 44,800 square foot, single story data center. The configuration of the center is a blend of operational efficiencies related to the Quantum data process and constraints imposed by the chosen site. Systems were recommended to allow the building to operate independent from electric, gas and water utilities, if necessary. Electrical and mechanical systems were specified and architectural recommendations were proposed. To interconnect the Quantum Campus, CSIE designed a telecommunications network along with preliminary planning models to be used for migration of computers to the new site. Project completed in 1990 on time and on budget. Services performed by CSIE included: Requirements analysis, pre-design of electrical and mechanical systems, architectural design and master planning, local area network design, migration planning and design review and construction administration.

Project Highlights
  • 40,000 sf of 24” raised flooring in 44,800 sf facility
  • 248 tons of computer room air conditioning
  • 80 tons of building HVAC
  • 1500 kVA static UPS/battery system
  • 415 Hz frequency conversion
  • Estimated project cost $8,000,000
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