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Securities & Exchange Commission
Securities & Exchange Commission

The scope of this project included the Planning and Implementation of the relocation for the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Office of Information Management (OISM) and Electronic Data Gathering and Reporting (EDGAR) functions. The relocation encompasses the move and consolidation of two (2) data centers as well as the relocation of 300 support staff from the SEC Headquarters in Washington, DC, to a new location in Northern Virginia. In order to accomplish the relocation and consolidation of the two (2) data centers, CSIE designed and implemented a Wide Area network (WAN) to support a diverse compliment of Local Area Networks (LAN) at the two facilities.

During the short three month duration of the initial project, CSIE developed plans and schedules, coordinated and managed a number of different computer and communications vendors, completed the facility design and construction modifications and implemented the relocation over a three-day period. Services performed by CSIE include: Master planning, wide area network design facility modification, migration planning and implementation, installation of all systems designed, local area network design, construction documents for administration and on-going-day-to-day operation of the networks.

Project Highlights
  • (5) T-1 links supporting multiple hosts
  • T-3 link
  • Local area network supporting 300 users
  • Peripheral controllers
  • Voice, video and security links
  • Project cost $2,000,000
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