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United Parcel Service - Atlanta, GA
United Parcel Service - Atlanta, GA

This project was United Parcel Services’ new Tier IV data processing center in Forsyth County, Georgia. CSIE prepared a Requirements Analysis which outlined the architectural and engineering design concepts for the proposed data processing center. Working under the assumption that over the next 10-20 years each square foot of data center will demand twice the electrical power of today, the facility was designed with the ability to add a substantial amount of future mechanical and electrical support equipment. When redundancy of support equipment was factored into the system, the mechanical and electrical equipment occupies as much space as the computer hardware (approximately 60,000 square feet). The computer hardware is served by three uninterruptible power systems, each with an A and B-side capable of providing electrical power with battery backup. A series of diesel generators provides continuous emergency power. Similarly, chilled water for the computer room air-handling units is provided by two chiller plants, each with up to three units per side. All systems have complete redundancy built into the design. A unique feature of this facility is the Data Center automation System (DCAS) that is an upgraded version of a Building Automation System more common to this type of operation. The DCAS allows UPS personnel the ability to monitor the status (and in some cases control) virtually each system and piece of support equipment throughout the building. CSIE worked with an Atlanta-based DCAS installer and several equipment vendors to develop an “open-protocol” which allowed their equipment to interface with the DCAS. Services performed by CSIE included: Requirements analysis, design and fire protection system design, programming, system design, architectural design, automation system design, mechanical and electrical engineering, cable plant design and specification, computer hardware planning and construction administration.

Projects Highlights:
  • 120,000 sf facility (60,000 sf of raised floor, 60,000 sf mechanical/electrical support)
  • Single story precast concrete wall panel and roof system designed to withstand a wind load of 200mph
  • 32” raised floor system with a 28” depressed slab for mechanical piping
  • Absorption and centrifugal chiller systems with capacities of up to 3,000 tons of Cooling
  • Masonry shell cooling towers 700,000 gallon stratified chilled water storage tank
  • (3) Three double-redundant uninterruptible power supply systems, each with (2) two paralleled subsystems capable of paralleling up to (5) five 750 kVA modules (3) Three double-redundant uninterruptible power supply systems, each with (2) two paralleled subsystems capable of paralleling up to (5) five 750 kVA modules

“CSIE’s focus on mission critical facilities, extensive data center experience, superior design capability, and dedication to customer service was the key factors in our decision to select for the UPS Data Center project in Atlanta, GA. This well known 172,000 sf 6-Sigma Data Center serves as living proof.”

Dave Sjogren
Principal, Strategic Facilities Inc.
(Former Manager, United Parcel Service)

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