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United Parcel Service - Mahwah, NJ
United Parcel Service - Mahwah, NJ

CSIE planned, designed and implemented an extensive expansion to UPS’s existing data center in Mahwah, NJ. CSIE was responsible for computer hardware and architectural, space planning, mechanical/electrical engineering, as well as overall project management and construction monitoring. CSIE originally worked as the Owner’s consultants providing design review services to UPS when the facility was originally designed. CSIE was contracted to design the complete expansion simultaneous to our design of the new Windward Data Center facility in Alpharetta, Georgia. CSIE contracted with UPS to provide complete architectural design, engineering and technology consulting services for the project. The design began in November 1992 and construction was completed in December 1995. The facility now operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is completely redundant. The facility design consisted of four-five module UPS systems; eight 1500 kW diesel generators; a 650,000 gallon water storage tank; forty 15-30 ton air conditioning units; and a data center automation system that will allow UPS personnel to monitor and control virtually every piece of support equipment throughout the building. The Ramapo Ridge Data Center is able to withstand an outage of any length, without interruption in processing and is able to be completely maintained, with redundancy, while on-line. The expansion of the Ramapo Ridge facility was deemed necessary in order to bring its level of effectiveness up to that of the Winward facility. The information contained in the construction documentation is confidential; however, a site tour of the facility can be arranged at your convenience. Services performed by CSIE included: requirements analysis, architectural design, mechanical and electrical engineering, computer hardware planning, construction management and general construction.

Projects Highlights:
  • 435,000 square foot data center
  • Construction: June 1994- December 1995
  • Participation value - $190,000,000
  • United Parcel Services provided overall project management
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