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U.S. Department of Customs
U.S. Department of Customs

This project consisted of total turnkey including Planning, Design, Construction documents and construction of a 60,000 square foot data center for the U.S. Customs in Newington, VA. The facility included three (3) 2,850 kW diesel generators, 2,200 kVA of UPS, halon fire protection, monitoring, security and cabling. CSIE provided the design of the physical security for the exterior perimeter and interior of the facility, designed for four (4) motor generators and complete UPS back-up and provided general planning for future expansion (an additional 5,000 square feet). The facility provides central processing and all customs services for the U.S. Government. CSIE also participated with U.S. Customs to order additional equipment to complete the build-out of the center’s capability. Services performed by CSIE include: Requirements analysis, architectural design, mechanical and electrical engineering, computer hardware planning, construction management and general construction.

Project Highlights
  • Completion July 1987 - on time/on budget
  • 60,000 sf of 24” raised flooring in ADP areas
  • Power distribution at 120 watts/sf for ADP areas
  • Cooling at 180 BTU/sf, 22 air conditioners
  • (8) stand alone chillers
  • 2,200 kVA UPS systems
  • 2,850 kW diesel generator
  • Security system - CCTV and access
  • 200 kVA IBM 400 cycle power supply
  • Alon fire suppression
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