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CSIE provided to the Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy (ASFE) all necessary skilled and trained personnel, facilities, services, equipment, materials, supplies and travel necessary to accomplish all tasks related to the maintenance and operation of FE and DOE business management information systems (BMIS), and other DOE management information systems in the areas of data collection, entry and analysis, preparation of various related reports; system maintenance and enhancement, and conference logistical.

Ongoing tasks included identifying potential areas where technology obsolescence is reducing efficiency or increasing costs. This effort gave priority to mainframe systems (BMIS modernization) with potential to benefit from migration to database servers on the new LAN or to distribute computing approaches (with field offices) that could enhance effectiveness. Also, developed detailed implementation plans for the technology upgrades and perform/coordinate actual implementation where appropriate; update and maintain headquarters computing resources inventory database; provide technical and administrative support to the LAN advisory group; perform necessary data collection, data entry, conversion, verification and purification for operation, maintenance, update and utilization of the BMIS; perform reconciliation analysis to assure proper coordination of the BMIS with the DOE Contract Financial Systems; assist in the design, development and implementation of new of modified management information systems or procedures to permit proper program control; provide necessary orientation, documentation and training as required to personnel for new or revised FE and DOE systems and procedures; provide administrative and logistical support to the FE program for national and international conferences, seminars and public meetings.

CSIE managed Construction activities from our on-site trailer at which reside the full-time Project Superintendent, Construction Manager, and QA/QC Manager. The construction management of the project adhered to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers requirements such as FAR 52.236.5 and 52-236-21 pertaining to Submittals and the Army Corps of Engineers Safety Manual EM385 and OSHA Standards 29 CFR Part 1926.

Project Highlights
  • Systems review of major FE information systems
  • Development/implementation of technology upgrading plans
  • Technical and administrative support to FE LAN advisory group
  • Operation, maintenance, updating of FE BMIS system
  • Orientation, documentation and training of new systems and procedures
  • Administrative & logistical support conferences and seminars
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